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Abigail came up with the idea to form an online community when she realised that a lot of her friends and family were feeling stunted by their circumstance, income, degree or lack of education. Whether it's your career, hobbies or downtime which needs some TLC, Unprofesh gives you the opportunity to connect and be inspired.


Abigail has teamed up with two close friends and fellow industry professionals to launch Unprofesh in the summer of 2020. Events will follow after the Coronavirus has faded.

Our mantra:

Unprofesh is a community-driven network with a clear mission to encourage YOU to feel limitless. We host conversations and events to help break free from unsatisfying routines and tap into new thrills.


You don’t need to be a professional to be good at something. 


Your degree (or lack of) doesn’t define you. 


You are allowed to try new things and fail.

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