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Abigail Weaver is a freelance producer based in East London with just shy of ten years of experience working across the creative and music industries.


Abigail produces a variety of projects, specialising in podcasting, events and social media marketing. Prior to freelancing, she established herself as a live radio producer.


Abigail currently works for BPI alongside Record Store Day and Official Charts as the Producer of their bi-weekly livestream The Record Club and with Jozana Music Group curating events and PR campaigns. She produces the comedy podcast The Way They Were and In 2022 she managed Reggae Soul singer Teshay Makeda.

So far throughout her career, Abigail has dabbled in PR, managed social media and OOH campaigns, curated both online and IRL events, lead interviews and explored direct-to-fan CreaTech. All of these roles complement and fuel one another. As she progresses, she intends to keep working with people, brands and companies that align with her values. 

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